Just Touch JavaScript

1. History of javaScript :

JavaScript has a long historical story. As a beginner, at first, we will be going to know a short historical story of javaScript. when 1995, Brendan Eich has created a programming language and give the name Netscape for his project. It was first released the year of 1996 and call Netscape2. After some months later Netscape needs to update, and The European standards organization has to do an update and at first call JavaScript. After the javaSeript has updated many times. at last Jun 2015 update ECMAScript edition 5.

2. What is javascript :

JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted, Client-side, and Server-side programming language. JavaScript help to make the website more interpreted. Talk “JavaScript is Life of Website”. Javascript is not similar to the Java programing language.

3. JavaScript String:

JavaScript String is most useful for holding data convert text from. javaScript has many useful methods but we are discussing some most useful methods like an index of, the last index of, replace, slice, split,toUpperCase, lowercase, etc. the string method can be easy for your work.

4. Index of:

The index of is take string method and return the first occurrence of the given specified value.

5 . Replace :

The replace method like a faction and also take tow parameter the first parameter indicates which is replace and the second parameter is value and replace by this value.

6. toUpperCase:

toUpperCase is a very simple method of string. toUpperCase converted to upper case according to any locale-specific case mappings. see the example below.

7. toLowerCase:

toLowerCase convert any string upper case to lower case. see the example below.

8.Slice :

Slice is an interesting method, slice method takes two parameters the first parameter value starting point to slice and the second parameter value end of the slice. slice take parameter as a number and take a position by indexOf. slice return string. if you confused see the example below.

9. Split :

The split method takes a parameter and divided all string by parameter velu and returned array. see expel for easy to understand.


parseIntr() convert string to intger number .parseint return number.

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