01 Is javascript case-sensitive?

01. Accessibility

web accessibility means In web site use some tools and technology for disabled people and CEO friendly. Some tools we can use very easily like using a semantic tag, clear language, use heading tag, etc. semantic tag like heder tag, section tag, main tag, aside tag, footer tag, etc. using…

01. Primitive value:

In javaScript primitive values data, next time will not change and has no object and method. String, Number, Boolean, Undefined, Null are the data types of primitive values.

02. Try-Catch:

Try-catch is a runtime error handling method. when we write code block and sometimes we think this block next time may come…

1. History of javaScript :

JavaScript has a long historical story. As a beginner, at first, we will be going to know a short historical story of javaScript. when 1995, Brendan Eich has created a programming language and give the name Netscape for his project. It was first released the year of 1996 and call…

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Hey, I am a web developer, and I have more than 1.5 years. I want to write regularly on this site about step by step.


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